Bio-Med Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.

About Bio-Med

Bio-Med was founded in February of 1999. Since that date, our mission has remained constant:

♦ To provide comprehensive services to opiate dependent persons.

♦ To assure patients understand the consequences of their addiction and the need to assume responsibility for their own recovery.

♦ To enhance the optimal functioning and well-being of our patients and their family members.

♦ To develop and promote positive public relations and increase public awareness, understanding, and support for persons with substance abuse problems.

♦ To expand the social and supportive network available to patients and family members struggling with devastating effects of substance abuse.

♦ In compliance with the federal mandate for electronic health records, BioMed utilizes the most up-to-date, sophisticated medical software that exists on the market today for the complete management of a well-run Methadone treatment program.

♦ Bio-Med has clinics in Roseville, Waterford and Flint.